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Poisonous and Toxic Plants

       We are not veterinarians here at the Pack, Please CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY! If you believe your dog or puppy has ingested any of the following plants. These are just some of the plants and possible symptoms that my dad, an old time breeder of pit bulls warned me to watch out for. ASPCA 24-HOUR DIAGNOSTIC & TREATMENT HOTLINE: 888 426-4435




Calla Lilly:​

Daffodill (Bulb):​

Dumb Cane​:

Elephant's Ear:​

English Ivy:​


Jasmine (Yellow Jessmine):​


Nircissus (2)​




Pack Of Pitts Blue Pit Bulls
Pack Of Pitts Blue Pit Bulls

"Poison Search" Emergency Instructions, 24-7 Animal Poison Control Center


People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your PitBull:
Alcohol,  Advocato, Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine, Citrus, Coconut & Coconut Oil, Grapes, Raisons, Macadamia Nuts, Milk & Dairy, Nuts, Onions, Garlic, Chive, Eggs & Bones, Salt & Salty Snack Foods, Xylitol & Yeast Dough.

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Reasons Not to Give Your Dog Bones

WebMD Top 10 Dog Poisons:
01. Prescription Medication
02. Insecticides
03. Over-The-Counter Medications
04. Pet Medications
05. Household Products
06. People Food (Listed Above)
07. Chocolate
08. Toxic Plants
09. Rodenticides
10. Lawn & Garden Products