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Natural Appearance

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American Veterinary Medical Assoication Literature Review of the Welfare Implications of Ear Cropping - Dogs PDF

AKC Statement on AVMA Crop and Dock Policy

Short Crop

Pet Ear Cropping Procedure

Laser Surgery & Therapy

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Recommended in Western New York

Grand Island Small Animal Hospital

Dr. Robert Harper (Laser Surgery & Laser Therapy)

APBT Puppies: Age 8 to 10 Weeks (Max 12 Weeks)

Tall Crop

There are many reasons why this can occur, including:
  • The cartilage within the pinna is too thin to support the weight of the ear.
  • The ear crop was too long for the size of the ear.
  • The ears are "set too low" on your Bully's head
  • The scar tissue formed along the ear margin.

A.P.B.T . Breed Color


The Genetics of Breed Color In the American Pit Bull Terrier - PDF

Genetics Of Breed Color

A.D.B.A Pit Bull Color Chart Gallary

Raw Food Diet

Raw Dog Food: Dietary Concerns, Benefits, and Risks

Why Raw?

Grain - Free Nutrition

Food Allergies and Food Intolerance - PDF

Raw Dog Food Advisor

(Raw Dog Food Reviews)

Dog Food Guru: Raw Dog Food What to Know

Direct From Butcher

About $0.80 Per LB

Darwin's: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention With Raw

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Canine Epilepsy

Digestive Disorders

Ear Conditions

Eye Conditions

Restoring Digestive Health

Skin Conditions

Weight Issues

For Veterinarians: Perscription Meals

The Case AGAINST Raw Frozen Pet Foods - PDF

5 Star Raw Dog Foods

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Answers Detailed Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Aunt Jeni’s Home Made (Raw Frozen)
Bravo Homestyle Complete (Freeze-Dried)
Darwin’s Natural Selections (Raw Frozen)
Darwin’s ZooLogics (Raw Frozen)
Fresh Is Best Dog Food (Freeze-Dried)
Genesis RAW Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
K-9 Kraving Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Lotus Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen Diets (Raw Frozen)
Northwest Naturals (Raw Frozen)
Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Raw (Freeze-Dried)
Nutrisca Raw Freeze Dried (Freeze-Dried)
OC Raw Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Primal Freeze-Dried Formula (Freeze-Dried)
Primal Pronto Raw Frozen Formulas (Raw Frozen)
Primal Raw Frozen Formulas (Raw Frozen)
Primal Raw Frozen Grinds (Raw Frozen)
Primal Raw Frozen Mixes (Raw Frozen)
Raw Bistro Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Smack Raw Dehydrated Dog Food (Dehydrated)
SmallBatch Dog Food (Raw Frozen)
Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried (Freeze-Dried)
Stella and Chewy’s Raw Frozen (Raw Frozen)
Steve’s Real Food (Freeze-Dried)
Steve’s Real Food BARF Diet (Raw Frozen)
Stewart Raw Naturals (Freeze-Dried)
Stewart Raw Naturals (Raw Frozen)
TruDog Dog Food (Freeze-Dried)
Vital Essentials Dog Food (Freeze-Dried)
Vital Essentials Dog Food (Raw Frozen)

Pack Of Pitts Blue Pit Bulls